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Science research



More then 20 years of scientific research has been done at the CO2 capture of weathering minerals.

This research is done at he natural wheatering and the acceleration parameters.


In the Netherland, Prof D.R. Schuiling has done a lot of research at the wheatering in normal conditions.

To expend his ideas, the Olivine Foundation has been established.


This foundation stimulate science research in this sector.

Some publications can be download on our site.


More research takes place in:




-          Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, prof. T. van Gerven

-          TU Delft, prof H. Geerlings

-          Åbo Akademi University , prof R. Zevenhoven

-          University of Bayreuth, dhr. M.  Bauer

-          Columbia University, prof A. Park, prof

-          ETH, Zurich, dhr. M. Werner

-          University of Toulouse , dhr F. Bourgois


For more publications:



- Prof D.R. Schuiling

CO2 capture by minerals and residues



 There is research at the CO2 capture by atmospheric conditions, injecting underground, and accelerated aspects for industrial use.

Innovation Concepts B.V.  has lots of contact with these universities and does a lot of research in their own lab.